Almost every year we are in need of coaches for all age groups. If you have the time and desire please consider coaching a team! It’s okay if you don’t know too much about soccer. Below are some videos, manuals and activities that were created for the US Youth Soccer organization.

Coaches are encouraged to practice once a week throughout the season for the youngest age group and twice a week for the oldest age groups.

US Youth Soccer Education Video

US Youth Soccer Youtube Logo

US Youth Soccer Manual & Activities (PDF)

Coaching Manual

Skills School

U6 Coordination Movement

U6 Dribbling

U6-U8 Practice Activities

U8 Dribbling

U8 Passing

U8 Receiving Lofted Balls

U10 Foot Coordination Speed

U10 Practice Activities

U10 Receiving Lofted Balls

U12 Defending

U12 Practice Activities

U12 Spatial Awareness

YES Soccer Resources (PDF)

Conditioning - Soccer Tennis

Conditioning - Speed, Agility, Quickness Activity Card 1

Conditioning - Speed, Agility, Quickness Activity Card 2

Conditioning - Speed, Agility, Quickness Activity Card 3

Conditioning - Technique Circle

Defending - Compact Defending

Defending - Defending Principles

Defending - Defending When Outnumbered

Defending - Pressing

Defending - Transition with Neutral Zone

Dribbling - 1v1 and 3v3

Dribbling - Atacking With Speed

Dribbling - Ball Familiarity

Dribbling - Circuit

Dribbling - Developing 1v1

Dribbling - Developing a Positive Touch

Dribbling - Skill Corridor

Dribbling - The Great Escape

Dribbling - Turning Away From Danger

Dribbling - Turns

Goalkeeeping - Basic Handling Phase 1

Goalkeeeping - Basic Handling Phase 2

Goalkeeeping - Fundamentals

Goalkeeeping - Goalkeeper Quarterback Game

Passing - 4 Box Game

Passing - 4v2 Transition

Passing - 8v4 Possession

Passing - Awareness

Passing - Creating Space and Touch

Passing - First Touch Through a Gate

Passing - Passing and Receiving

Passing - Possession Practice

Passing - Receiving and Turning

Passing - Rondo’s

Passing - Squares

Passing - Switching the Play

Passing - Target Players

Passing - Tiki-Taka Box Phase 1

Passing - Tiki-Taka Box Phase 2

Passing - Tiki-Taka Box Phase 3

Passing - Transition Passing

Passing - Y-Passing Phase 1

Passing - Y-Passing Phase 2

Passing - Y-Passing Phase 3

Shooting - Attacking Link Up Play

Shooting - Attacking in the Final 3rd

Shooting - Breakout

Shooting - Build Up Play

Shooting - Two Goal Shooting

Small Sided Game - 2 Game Transition

Small Sided Game - 3 Goal Zone Game

Small Sided Game - 4 Goal Game

Small Sided Game - 6 Goal Game

Small Sided Game - 6 Goal Transition Game

Small Sided Game - 7v7 Big Goal to Target Goals

Small Sided Game - 8v4 Circle with Goals

Small Sided Game - Counter Attacking 2

Small Sided Game - Decision Making Game

Small Sided Game - Early Cross Game

Small Sided Game - Finishing From a Counter Attack

Small Sided Game - Man vs Man Sweepers

Small Sided Game - Possession vs Pressure

Miscellaneous Resources (PDF)

Micro Soccer Game